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Belly Soul Workshops

For anyone wanting to use the sacred movements of belly dance, art and self directed learning for personal growth and healing.  Participants will draw on the movement practice of belly dance, the use of various artistic mediums and expression, as well as assigned readings and personal journaling.  Such practices have been objectively proven to enhance and often heal ones inner emotional and spiritual landscape.  Please join me in experiencing this series of workshops.



My Qualifications


I hold a Bachelors of Social Work degree, a Life Skills Coach Facilitator certificate, Master Trainer status in suicide intervention skills training, and a FRIENDS trainer of trainers.  In my professional life I have worked as an adult educator, group facilitator and personal therapist over a span of 20 years.  For the past 13 years I have taught belly dance to numerous women of all ages and backgrounds.  I have always found that belly dance has not only physical benefits but the ability to change individuals emotionally.  It is this knowledge and observation that led me to begin offering Belly Soul Workshops.



Belly Soul and Soul-o Development Combo Class


Belly Soul is intended to look inside yourself and free your spirit, part of which may be your dancing spirit.  We will use a variety of activities as our process (see above). Soul-o development is our task.  Using a variety of improvisational and choreography techniques create your own solo from your soul.  This class is most suited to those who are prepared to devote time to self-directed work outside of our scheduled meeting times, who are interested in exploring oneself, who are ready to improvise, create, and dance solo.  Please check back for when this class will be offered.



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