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Group Dance Classes



Have never taken a belly dance class before, or it has been many years since taking one.  I encourage students to take more than one beginner class since all the essential core moves are taught here.

What level am I at?


Levels roughly correspond to beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  I see levels as fluid in that a student may have reached some requirements but are still working toward others.




Important To Remember 


Dance is a life long learning process with ever changing styles.  Also, everyone's' body and mind learn at different rates.  We can not compare ourselves to others but only against our own personal progress.  Stay open to and aware of your struggles and your accomplishments.


Level 1


Have taken one or two beginner classes and have a solid grasp of the basic movement vocabulary.  Level 1 students feel they are ready for more complicated combinations and choreography.

Level 2


Have danced consistently for approximately 2 years in one or more styles.  Level 2 students have a strong knowledge and ability in basic movements, combinations, and choreography.  Level 2 students are  comfortable with performing if they have not already done so.

Level 3


Have danced consistently for more than  2 years in one or more styles and are  serious students of belly dance as they realize dance is a life long learning process. Level 3 students have an  expectionally strong  knowledge and ability in basic  movements,  combinations,  and choreography in their chosen style.  Level 3 students are performance ready students.

Wild Spirit Fusionistas Performance Troupe


 The Wild Spirit Fusionistas consist of a core group of 9 students who have committed themselves to classes, perfecting this art form, and to performance.  They primarily focus on performance ready choreography.  Anyone is welcome to take part in a Wild Spirit choreography even if you do not want to perform.  However, to join the troupe certain requirements need to be met.  Contact Darla for more information.

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