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I have a dancing spirit! My introduction into belly dancing began in 1995, which has now grown into a significant part of my life. I continue on my quest to learn more, and become a more refined and creative dancer. A desire to learn more has led me to study from many stars of Middle Eastern dance such as Delilah, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Sahra, Suzy, Aziza, Carolena Nericcio, Mesmera, Denise Enan, Sahira, Jill Parker, Ariellah, Deb Rubin, Anaya Tribal, Rom Deussen and many more. In 2002, I ventured into teaching an introductory belly dance class.


Since that time I have shared my knowledge, humor and passion with an ever-growing student base and class offerings. My primary focus of teaching is to create joy, instill correct technique, expand creativity, and foster respect for this dance art form. My personal philosophy is that belly dance can ignite and heal the female spirit.


Based on this philosophy I created what I refer to as Belly Soul workshops. These are an unique blend of belly dance, movement, art, and self analysis.


I often enjoy dabbling in other dance forms such as Hip-Hop, Bhangra, and Salsa. In June 2012, I acquired my Bellyfit Instructor certification.  I hope to take my love of hula hooping to a higher level.


During the summer of 2007 I began a new business venture - The Belly Boutique. It was a lovely little boutique offering Middle Eastern treasures for everyone. 


In my "real life" I work as a clinical mental health social worker, and nurture pets and family.




My children first and foremost, traveling, dogs, nature, hiking, camping, snakes, gardening, steampunk, burlesque, art, creating, hula hooping, and dancing of course.


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